The process flow: learners go through theory and practical training, attending modules in line with their qualifications’ curriculum.

The learners are attached to an employer, whom they can change during the duration of the learnership. They are provided with the logbook. At their workplaces, they can have one or more logbook evaluators depending on their organisation’s policy. They will have full exposure to the areas on the logbook. Areas are signed off once the evaluator/assessor approves there are competent in that particular area.

Evaluation of the logbook includes the learner providing the portfolio of evidence and discussion with the evaluator and agreeing on areas of improvement and ultimately signing off.

Once the learners complete all their modules and the logbook has been signed off, they can apply for the final assessment.

Logbook Overview


We provide online logbook system to cover your functional requirements

This workplace training logbook will specify the detailed structured training that a learner(trainee) must be exposed to and show competence in, in order to satisfy the practical training requirements.

This online logbook will provide the appointed officials with the ability to create and maintain a record of all practical tasks completed and experience(s) gained at the workplace which the mentor/assessor/moderator signs off.