Features / Benefits


  • Easy to navigate dashboard.
  • Logbook viewing: browse your logbook page by page like a paper logbook.
  • Mobile friendly: can be carried around.
  • Logbook backup: can easily export a backup of your logbook at any time, so you never have to worry about your data or losing your content material.
  • Easy communication between parties involved.
  • Less impact on the environment, paper friendly.


  • Reduced costs: eLearning is cost effective compared to traditional ways/forms of learning.
  • help in retaining information for a longer time.
  • Less impact on environment: eLogbook/eLearning is a paperless way of learning, it protects the environment, it is an eco-friendly way of learning.
  • Easy communication and improved teamwork
  • Users receive alerts, notification email if a new submission has been made.
  • The system can be accessed anytime, anywhere, where there is internet connection.